Fractional CO2 laser treatment in mumbai

Fractional CO2 laser treatments have succeeded non-fractional CO2 laser treatments in the field of cosmetic skin rejuvenation and enhancement techniques due to less downtime, quick healing and results, reduced side effects and discomfort, and a better lasting effect. Unlike CO2 laser treatment, a Fractional CO2 laser treatment in Mumbai has the option of selectively repairing different levels of skin. For example, it can repair and ablate the deeper dermis without affecting the upper layers of skin or the epidermis.

To achieve best results from Fractional CO2 laser treatment the following recommendations or post-treatment care may be considered:

  1. On the day when you have undergone this laser-based Skin Resurfacing Treatment it is important to abide by the following instructions:
  2. Topical ointments or creams are available in the market. The surgeon will prescribe some. Apply it on the treated area. Keep the treated area covered.
  3. Cool compress is a must. You can do this by taking ice or moist paper towels within a Ziploc bag. Direct application of ice, towels or rather any form of rubbing should not be done. This may irritate the skin which is still hyper-sensitive from the Skin Resurfacing Treatment in Mumbai. You can spray water if you want to. The heat generated from a CO2 laser treatment should be kept at bay.
  4. To reduce discomfort analgesics are prescribed. It is absolutely important to take them.
  5. Eye irritation may occur especially if the eye lids have been treated with a Skin Resurfacing Treatment. Systane™ may be applied in the eye to reduce the discomfort.
  6. You should sleep with your head in a slightly elevated position.
  7. Some special and careful attention is necessary in the two weeks following CO2 laser treatment in Mumbai for fast healing and best results:
  8. Direct sunlight, pollution like dust, aerosols and skin irritants like detergents, harsh soaps should be avoided. The treated area should be washed with water and Cetaphil.
  9. Sources of extreme dryness and heat like sun, sauna bath, hot blowers or dryers, extensive physical exercises should be avoided. Medium heat is usually tolerable.
  10. Hydration, both internally as well as externally aids in the healing process. Fluid intake should be increased and the face should be kept moist at all times.
  11. A healthy diet rich in green and yellow vegetables and protein should be adopted during the healing process. Alcohol should be completely avoided during this phase.
  12. Aquaphor is a good medicine that may be applied to the treated area.

Fractional CO2 Laser/ Skin Resurfacing Treatment Before After Photos-

Fractional-CO2-Laser-Resurfacing-Treatment-Procedure-Before-After-Photos-in-Bandra-Kandivali-Andheri-Goregoan-Mumbai-India-4 Fractional-CO2-Laser-Skin-Resurfacing-Treatment-Procedure-Before-After-Photos-in-Bandra-Kandivali-Andheri-Goregoan-Mumbai-India-1 Fractional-CO2-Laser-Treatment-Procedure-Before-After-Photos-in-Bandra-Kandivali-Andheri-Goregoan-Mumbai-India-3 Skin-Resurfacing-Treatment-Procedure-Before-After-Photos-in-Bandra-Kandivali-Andheri-Goregoan-Mumbai-India-2

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