Thread lift treatment for face and body in mumbai

Thread Facelift is a non-invasive to minimally invasive cosmetic corrections of face and neck. Dr Beulink in 2001, introduced this unique non-surgical procedure of Thread Lift. It is also known as ‘suture lift’. This is a revolutionary cosmetic procedure where a facelift can be done with the help of threads. It can rejuvenate skin of forehead, brow, cheekbone area, midface, chin, jaw line, jaws, submental triangle and neck. The soft sagging tissues damaged by sun or by age can be corrected easily, with very little side effects. Thread Facelift is a quick and efficient method of defining facial contours. It is not as radical as a surgical face lift but this treatment has advantages like less downtime, less expense, easy and quick recovery, less chances of infection. The thread used is a modification of the wound-sealing threads used during operation. Nowadays two brands of thread are widely used by cosmetic surgeons in Thread lift treatment in Mumbai. They are:

  1. PromoItalia:These patented threads are made of either polypropylene or caprolactone. The latter is absorbable. They have soft cogs that help to grip the sagging tissues steadily. Sagging tissue will be gently restored in its previous positions almost like Velcro. The threads will eventually dissolve after few months but the tissues will remain in their new positions for several years.
  2. Silhouette Soft: These threads are made from lactide glicolide and polylactic acid. They are fully absorbable. They have soft cones that help to grip the sagging tissues steadily, instead of cogs or barbs. Corrugation or migration of skin thus cannot happen if you use these threads. Volume enhancement is an additional effect. The effect of this Thread Facelift treatment lasts for 12 to 18 months.

There are several techniques of a Thread Lift treatment:

  1. The Sling Technique: In 1998, Dr. Summers in Wisconsin, developed this method where the sagging tissues of the mid-face face and neck can be uplifted with a single suture.
  2. Aptos or anti-ptosis technique: In 1999, in Russia, Dr. Sulamandize developed this method where he used modified sutures for facial rejuvenation.
  3. Modified Aptos: Summers developed this where he introduced a small 1.5 inch incision in the scalp to secure the threads. Today only a puncture wound is done behind the ears or in the scalp below the hair. Lines, entry and exit points are planned and marked on the face beforehand and the threads are then run with the help of needles. Bi-directional or unidirectional threading is done. Several other additions and modifications to technique and thread choice have evolved. ‘Contour Thread lift’ is the trademark name that Dr. Summer uses for his latest innovative state-of-the-art facial re-contouring method.

See the Thread Facelift treatment before after photos-

Thread-Facelift-Thread-lift-for-Face-and-Body-Procedure-Treatment-Before-After-Photos-in-Bandra-Kandivali-Andheri-Goregoan-Mumbai-India-1 Thread-Facelift-Thread-lift-for-Face-and-Body-Procedure-Treatment-Before-After-Photos-in-Bandra-Kandivali-Andheri-Goregoan-Mumbai-India-2 Thread-Facelift-Thread-lift-for-Face-and-Body-Procedure-Treatment-Before-After-Photos-in-Bandra-Kandivali-Andheri-Goregoan-Mumbai-India-3 Thread-Facelift-Thread-lift-for-Face-and-Body-Procedure-Treatment-Before-After-Photos-in-Bandra-Kandivali-Andheri-Goregoan-Mumbai-India-4

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