weight loss treatment in mumbai

Weight is probably one of the biggest issues for health and prosperity of people nowadays. With all this change in diet and lack of exercise, obesity and weight gain is being treated as medical condition in itself. However, there are other reasons why uncontrollable weight gain is happening and losing such weight is becoming more and more of a challenge.  It is no longer a matter of just beauty and fashion to control weight but the need of  the hour because weight control enhances your health and helps you to control certain medical conditions as well.

Cycle of Weight Loss and Gain

Most of us have tried at least once to lose some weight, and again most have experienced a cycle of weight loss and gain. According to statistics, only about 5 % of morbidly obese people actually manage to lose weight significantly and to successfully maintain that desired weight, without medical weight loss treatments. Therefore, many obese people, and all those who have difficulties with keeping the weight off, decide to undergo some of weight loss treatments. Here is what you should know about those treatments.

Medical weight loss treatments

There are more and less invasive medical weight loss treatments, and after consulting with your doctor it is of the utmost importance to find the most suitable and adequate treatment for yourself. Amongst minimally invasive weight loss treatment, there are Laparoscopy and Cold Laser Treatments. Laparoscopic, although considered a surgery, is a technique of inserting a small video camera into the patient´s abdomen. While, Cold Laser Treatment is practically painless, and is carried out in many one-hour sessions, during which the laser light is applied to the selected areas that require treatment.

Surgical Ways

When we talk about the more hard ways for the weight loss treatment in mumbai, they are more suitable for those patients looking for reducing substantial amount of weight. These are Bariatric surgery, Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass, Adjustable Gastric Band and Sleeve Gastrectomy. With any kind of Bariatric surgery the amount of food a patient can consume afterwards is largely reduced. This creates a sense of being full after smaller meals, and as a result the caloric intake will be kept in wanted boundaries, almost effortlessly, as you will be eating way less than before the surgery.

These surgical treatments have been proven as way more effective for morbidly obese people, to initially lose and maintain weight, than just dieting and exercising. But, if you are considering a weight loss in mumbai, you have to   be aware that in order to succeed in shredding weight and maintain it, you need to be committed to changing your lifestyle, including your diet and exercising, and consequently you will succeed.

Weight Loss Treatment Before After Photos-

Weight-Loss-Treatment-Before-After-Photos-in-Bandra-Kandivali-Andheri-Goregoan-Mumbai-India-1 Weight-Loss-Treatment-Before-After-Photos-in-Bandra-Kandivali-Andheri-Goregoan-Mumbai-India-2 Weight-Loss-Treatment-Before-After-Photos-in-Bandra-Kandivali-Andheri-Goregoan-Mumbai-India-3 Weight-Loss-Treatment-Before-After-Photos-in-Bandra-Kandivali-Andheri-Goregoan-Mumbai-India-4

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