All of us at one time or the other gets aches and pains and muscle stiffness. Faulty posture while walking or while social posturing when working or during a social interaction are some of the reasons for this. Children or young adults seldom complaints of muscle pains. However, as we age our muscles undergo degenerative changes. Also our routine activities, artificial faulty diets, lots of preservatives and artificial additives in food and various addictions like alcohol may contribute to cellular inflammation. The muscle also gets inflamed. And this results in muscle pain and tenderness or soreness.

DIABETES is an important contributory factor of cellular inflammation. Moreover, in diabetes due to lack of insulin the blood glucose cannot be taken inside the muscle cell even if glucose in blood is high. In due course, this leads to muscle inflammation followed by degeneration.  Tissues also lose its elasticity and become stiff. Hence there is muscle weakness and joint stiffness. This all causes a general lack of willingness to exercise causing further muscle weakness. All these process may occur to a variable degree in a non diabetic also. At rest especially in sedentary person more than 40% of the capillaries supplying blood remains closed. Over time there is a gradual muscle mass loss and consequent increase in fat mass.

Hence exercising becomes utmost importance. Knowing this background, now let’s see how a good MASSAGE might help you. Although much can be said of various styles or techniques of massage, let’s just summarize that a good massage is one where gentle to mild pressure is applied over different groups of muscles and joints concentrating on areas where muscles may be stiff or tender.

MASSAGE is a passive form of exercise. So if you are not moving your muscles actively, massage helps it move passively.

  • So massage has some of the effects of exercise like improving the blood flow of the muscles, hence improving its oxygen intake.
  • It helps in displacing toxins (inflammatory mediators) accumulated in the inflamed muscles .it directly displaces the stagnated fluids accumulated due to inflammation. Thus reducing the tenseness of the muscles and hence pain.
  • It removes the accumulated fluids in joint spaces and makes it more flexible improving joint movements and reducing stiffness.
  • It relieves muscle spasms (in areas like nape of neck in cervical spondylosis and low back paraspinal muscles in lumbar spondylosis or slip disc) and hence instantly relieves pain.
  • A tensed person has tense muscles and spasms in various groups of muscles. Massage relieves tenseness and indirectly gives a feeling of mental relaxation too.
  • So soothing tactile stimulation, lubrication of massage oil over skin , muscles spasm relief and mental relaxation are ways in which massages can help
  • DIABETICS with muscle tenderness and joint stiffness can benefit from massages.

At BODYZ WELLNESS we also have certain procedures like multipolar Radiofrequency with magnetic fields (VENUS FREEZE) along with good Diet plan which helps in relieving deep tissue pain by increasing vascularity and promoting better oxygen flow to tissues.

A word of caution however. Massages are not an end in itself. A person should utilize the relaxation thus achieved post massage to restart his routine of exercise at least from a day post massage. This will help in sustaining the beneficial effects of the massage and give long term benefits.

So the MESSAGE in your MASSAGE is that it can be an adjuvant to all the other ways to keep healthy i.e. proper low calorie balanced diet and good regular exercise schedule . And that if utilized with the right attitude might help in maintaining muscle flexibility and joint elasticity.

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