Face one would agree is the most identifiable part of our body .Ever wondered why this is so?

Because as humans developed erect posture face to face became the most important part in social recognition. There are some interesting aspects to this. Some of which I would like to enumerate. For frogs probably croaking sound and quality is a sign of health and vitality and for recognition. Animals use sight and smell to varying degrees. Birds use songs and colorful plumage for deciding good health and strength. Same way for humans the face is a very important part for recognition as well as a sign of good health and vivacity.

Many people feel that all Nepalis look alike or all Chinese look alike. Perhaps Chinese feel that all Indians look alike. However, we find all of us having very distinct individual features which we can decipher with a momentary glance .This is because the more we are exposed to a particular characteristics of facial features the more our brain learns to distinguish very subtle dissimilarities between them.

As we age there are definite albeit minute changes which occur in our face. To enumerate, the facial muscles may shrink and subcutaneous fats may deplete. The tight and firm skin becomes loose and starts sagging. Sagging may affect the corners of the lips and over the mandible (jaw bones).facial skin may lose its elasticity and can develop wrinkles. Wrinkles over lateral angles of eyes made prominent on smiling are called crow feet. Repeated frowning over decades can result in permanent horizontal frown lines over the forehead. Receding hairline may give typical balding patterns. Under eye bogginess can appear in many people. All these features may get exaggerated and appear prematurely in patients with co morbidities like Diabetes, hypertension renal failure as also with addictions like alcohol and smoking.Many people thus land up in premature aging.

So let’s FACE it. Nobody likes these changes. We may like to retain our youthful looks and charisma. Because youthful looks are a sign of liveliness and dynamism. We all want looks which can turn eyes. We want to look better when we look into the mirror. We also aspire to be perceived as having vigor and energy. And we definitely don’t want to be treated as aged or want a changed perception of people about us.

So what can we do?

First of all I would stress the importance of INTERNAL HEALTH. Get yourself examined by a qualified Diabetes doctor in mumbai for any co-morbid illness like DIABETES or HYPERTENSION or HYPOTHYROIDISM and get appropriate treatment for the same.

The concentrate on the EXTERNAL appearance. At BODYZ WELLNESS we aspire to craft your FACE to make it ASTHETICALLY PERFECT and restore it to its YOUTHFULNESS. First a thorough evaluation is done clinically and all signs of aging like sagging skin, sunken maxillary bones, shrunken facial muscles, wrinkled facial skin, under eye bogginess, under eye dark circles and many other such aging signs are properly identified. And explained to you and don’t be surprised because we have inculcated the latest methods of correcting all the above. Facial rejuvenation is achieved through a combination of Non invasive and minimally invasive procedure. Non invasive procedures include Venus freeze (Radio frequency), IPL, Ultherapy (HIFU), Q-Laser and many more. Minimally invasive procedures include Botox, fillers, Thread lift (Monofilament to Cog threads), peels and PRP hair Treatment (platelet rich plasma) along with appropriate cosmeceutical products and supplementary therapy as necessary.

So let’s FACE the facts to make the FACE better and charming and youthful.

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