The first act that all of us do is cry. All of us enter the world crying. So with the very first act we use all 72 odd muscles of our face. Each facial muscle is fine tuned to respond to the minutest of emotions. Face reflects the state of our mind. Facial muscles, skin and tissues respond in a very coordinated manner to fluctuations in our mental status .and smile is the most sublime of our facial expressions. Smile reflects a relaxed and peaceful state of mind .smile involves around 14 muscles of our face .which generally reacts a perfectly symmetrical and harmonized manner.

The lips, perioral muscles, nasolabial folds and associated tissues are involved in our smile. So when our smile gets affected, it causes lot of mental trauma. Smile can get affected by skin infections, skin scarring, muscles injury, facial trauma and neurological problems like Bell’s palsy (7th cranial nerve palsy). And many other conditions. Also there are conditions causing involuntary movements of facial muscles like ticks and habit spasms and muscle clonus and mannerisms.

Many, if not all conditions, can be improved by facial aesthetics. Skin resurfacing, platelet rich plasma, laser treatment for acne and facial scarring are some of the treatments we do in BODYZ WELLNESS. Unwanted facial hair can also be permanently reduced by laser treatment .Use of Botox removes unwanted wrinkles in angles of mouth and can also treat the gummy smile. Asymmetrical facial features can be rectified with help of fillers .Loss of tissues and muscles over the maxillary area can be filled with Dermal Fillers. Asymmetrical nasolabial folds also can be made reasonably symmetrical with FILLERS. Muscle stiffness, spasms and involuntary movements can be reduced to a significant extent with help of BOTOX in Mumbai. In addition, proper use of emollients and creams and facial cleansing along with supplements of essential vitamins and trace minerals help in a more youthful and energetic face. Polyphenols in various food help in anti aging.

All these natural means and FACIAL AESTHETICS using latest technologies and procedures as discussed helps you maintain your MILLION DOLLAR SMILE.

gummy smile 2 gummy smile


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