stretch marks removal treatment in mumbai

All of us want to look young. The skin of the young is healthy with smooth texture. As we age though there are some unfavorable changes that our skin undergoes. So let’s understand why this happens. Understanding the reasons i.e. the pathophysiology of skin aging will help us to comprehend the measures we can take to prevent undesirable skin changes or attempt to treat and reverse those changes.

Skin is the largest organ of the body. And it functions as a cover and protective layer for all the internal organs of our body. Just like the skin of fruits helps to keep the fruit preserved for a long time and prevents effectively bacteria viruses and detrimental elements from entering the interior. So skin is supplied by ample blood supply. And skin effectively keep away and destroys most pathogens and keep the body healthy. The reader by now would have grasped the importance of maintaining good skin health.

Skin is also the refection of the overall health status of the human body. Poor health leads to skin changes like dryness, cracking, breach in its continuity. Overweight or obesity in childhood or youth or during pregnancy stretches the skin. Skin and underlying tissues gets overstretched leading to destruction of the neatly set collagen tissues and fibers. Later body tries to heal the overstretched skin and subcutaneous tissues through fibrosis. This fibrosis causes alternate bands of dark and light skin layers leading to stretch marks. These intensity stretch marks are subjected to various hormonal imbalances related to body building, pregnancy and puberty and hormone replacement therapy as well as local and oral long term steroid therapy given for unrelated medical issues.

So stretch marks will appear when you have gained weight earlier and have gone through a cyclical weight gain and weight loss phases. Leading to stretching followed by healing through fibrosis also in cyclical manner. These stretch marks hence are a function of time. What’s more with time the discoloration pattern keeps changing with time. What would be purplish to reddish initially might become lighter and coarser and deeper  with time. The stretched skin also becomes weak and may sag .And also the skin becomes thinned out than usual and more prone to injury.

So how do you UN-STRETCH those STRETCH MARKS. We at BODYZ WELLNESS does precisely that through a combination of medicinal supplementation and procedures .The procedures include chemical peel treatment like medium dept peels, dermal peels, microdermabrasion treatment, multipolar Radiofrequency (RF) with magnetic fields (VENUS FREEZE TREATMENT) , laser treatments(CO2 laser treatment) and Nano fractional RF (VENUS VIVA TREATMENT) and CARBOXY THERAPY.

Certain cosmeceutical products like creams (taken on medical advice) also helps .Certain home remedies  like olive oil , sand paper etc have limited and inconvincing role and should not be initiated.

STRETCH MARKS removal treatment before after photos STRETCH MARKS removal treatment before after photos1

Un-stretching those stretch marks hence give you a more youthful appearance. And stretch marks removal treatment in mumbai would definitely improve your skin health .This will help you improve your self esteem. And the next time you want to wear those short leggings or an appropriate swim wear you will not feel inhibited or reticent.




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